Installation (Sculpture, painting and RGB programed light). 2018



Mahogany and Teka engraved panel. Silkscreen and ink with gold leaf on linen. Translucent acrylic with RGB programed light. 2018.



In this experimental proposal the artist Gustavo Artigas proposes us to rethink the language through a game of signs and meanings, typographies and characters, and colors and shapes. Taking as mystical significant sources of research from the east and the ancestral east, the artist inevitably creates fantastic bridges between both cultures.

Its installation works like an iterative machine with infinite possibilities. By substituting the 27 letters of the Latin alphabet for the 214 radicals of the common Chinese, the breaking of the game is evident and becomes infinite and sometimes illogical.

Each color combination alters the order of things in the context of reading symbols, each question that is asked to the Ouija results in a new unexpected response. Neither the beings of the beyond, nor the living beings of the more here will be able to reorder the order of language and its meanings.

Putting the language into play, breaking codes and transgressing ideologies, Artigas makes language a language game that leads him to create paintings, objects and installations that materialize in this context of experimental processes.


Renato Osoy. 2018


*Special thanks to Laura Wellen and Esvin Alarcón Lam

Asiatic Nerve. HD Video. 30 Seconds