Lecture / Fundación Telefónica / Madrid, Spain, 2001.

15 people physically alike to Gustavo Artigas intervene an exhibition area at the Fundación Telefonica in Madrid during the exhibition entitled ‘The end of the eclipse.’ The main intervention –presented in conference form by distinct individuals introduced as Gustavo Artigas– features the reading of a text about the problem of classifying the arts by nationality. Further along, the reader describes the feasibility of evaluating the artistic personality from the perspective of the multiple personality disorder. Other participants replace the first speaker, introducing themselves as Gustavo Artigas as well, and continue describing the possible causes of the disorder. The speaker is replaced in turn by another look alike and so on, until a total of 5 speakers introduce themselves as Gustavo Artigas. At the end of the talk (lasting 8 minutes), the remaining participants (15 in total) mingle with the guests and take pictures of the event with disposable cameras.

VIDEO DVD. 6 minutes, 25 seconds.


Color Prints. 77 x 114 cm. Each panel.